…Easily my best apartment I’ve ever had in my adult life. Love the amenities. Love the staff. They are very helpful… All of you are very professional and do excellent work. Y’all helped me get my first apartment on my own in Chicago, and I will never forget my experience with you all.

Google Review 2021

The management always treated me with respect and kindness. I never had any major maintenance issues but everyone on staff is responsive and helpful. The location and amenities make this building a great place to live. I would definitely continue living here if I wasn’t leaving town.

Google Review 2022

Hannah, Robert and Julia were amazing!…Julia is ready to fight people for you! I’m serious . Hannah is always very fair and grounded, and I like that because she ensures you’re put first in so many ways. Robert has really become one of my favorite people in the 3L community.

Google Review 2022
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